Well, here’s how you believe employees will score your company

February 2024
Engagement Score
0 25 Dysfunctional 50 Fragmented 75 Successful 100 Engaged

If your view of your business is shared by your team, then you have been struggling with many of the common challenges that business owners face today.

It’s likely your time is often spent on issue resolution and activities that you would prefer not to be doing.

All progress starts with understanding the truth. The next steps are normally very straightforward and we consistently see that companies with a score similar to yours rapidly progress to successful, with very little effort. In fact, we’ve noticed that it normally takes less than four months. Within a further 7 months, the majority of our clients reach engaged.

Once your company achieves engaged status the majority of your employees will feel connected to and excited about your company’s purpose and goals. Team members will understand how their roles and relationships with others contribute to the company’s overall success.

As your score improves over time, team members will share more ideas for innovation and improvement, discover new efficiencies and actively participate in future growth.

The goal is to have your company scoring engaged. We’ve seen companies that achieve scores in this range outperform companies that score under 75 by as much as 17 times! Their ability to attract and retain productive talent leads to greater profitability and a business that's enjoyable to run.

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While you did your best to see your business through the eyes of your employees, there’s no substitute for the proven reality of a confidential and anonymous company-wide Engagement Report. That’s when you get to establish if the reality matches your perception. Uncover the truth today.

Your Engagement Report™

Insights that go far beyond a score

Having your team provide their perspective delivers a number of immediate benefits. You’ll have the comfort of knowing where there’s alignment, where focus is needed, and the areas where you can achieve some quick wins. you’ll also uncover surprising insight that translates into immediate value.

Segmentation Breakdown
Create insightful views into your organization's engagement score with customizable group segmentation that can be adjusted in real-time post-survey.
Comparison Charts
Get deep views into your organization with a cross section of scores across group segmentation and engagement dimension.
Anonymous Feedback
Employee responses aren't associated with individuals, so feedback is always honest and often eye-opening and inspiring.
Insight & Action Plan
Each Engagement Report™ includes insights that outline where you are within your engagement journey, plus specific next steps to take focused action.

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