Program Features

All the tools to measure and continuously improve engagement

Secure Communication

Continually uncover the truth within your company

Your people can be comfortable giving their honest opinions, since all feedback is completely anonymized on an individual level. You may be surprised at what you discover, but these discoveries will help you figure out what’s broken and where to focus so you can fix it.

Engagement Survey
Every survey delivers freeform and measurable responses from open & closed-ended questions taking employees less than 10 minutes to answer.
On-Demand Surveys
Create and send targeted, custom surveys anytime. Go beyond engagement and focus on specific topics, initiatives, or groups within your organization.
Secure Follow-Up
Even though communication is anonymous, you can still reply directly to feedback with questions or clarifications and initiate two-way conversations.
Suggestion Box
Employees can submit anything from game-changing business ideas to thoughts on team-building activities the minute inspiration strikes.

Reporting & Insights

Know where to focus, and what action to take next

You have enough to manage, so we make it easy to analyze, distill, and segment all of the data and responses collected from the survey. Track progress, know where to focus for the quickest wins, and get expert-generated insights to guide you along the way toward more team engagement.

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Engagement Report™
With each survey you'll get score breakdowns and comparisons across key engagement dimensions, plus all of your team's written feedback.
Breakdowns & Comparisons
Create insightful views into your organization's engagement with a cross section of scores for group segmentation and our six dimensions of employee engagement.
Insights & Action Plans
Each Engagement Report™ includes insights that outline where you are within your engagement journey, plus specific next steps to take focused action.
Report Downloads
Export, then print physical engagement reporting of your survey score breakdown and comparisons, along with written feedback.


Tailor the experience to your team structure

Every organization is different, and our engagement model reflects that. There are many opportunities for customization within the employee engagement program that take into account different structures, org charts, and roles. You’ll be able to mold that program to suit your needs so that you can get the greatest insights out of every assessment.

Custom Segmentation
You can break down scores by department, location, or whatever way gives you the most insight into your data - plus you can edit in real time.
Custom Survey Questions
Add additional multiple choice or written-response questions to the Engagement Survey or create and send completely custom On-Demand Surveys, anytime.
Custom Setup
Connect our terminology to the terminology of your organization, and make sure everyone within your team shares the same language and uses it consistently.
We accommodate both UK and US English, so we speak the way people at your organization do.

Superior Support

Guidance from specialists and a library of resources

Our team of Engagement Specialists are available at anytime, to help you get started and to keep you on the right track. Our series of program guides is designed to progress you through a journey – and our personal support team is dedicated to making your experience with the program a success.

Easy Onboarding
We'll help you set up your dashboard to get the most insights out of your survey data, and we walk you through the process of what happens throughout the engagement journey.
Ongoing Support
Insights and guides are accessible at any time, and our specialists are available to answer ad hoc questions and troubleshoot any of our tools for employee engagement.
Engagement Community
Hear form people facing your same challenges - we'll connect you to others at various stages of the process so you can get differing perspectives through newsletters and success stories, podcasts and videos.

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