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For the cost of buying an employee a cup of coffee, you will uncover otherwise unattainable insight. Truth that ultimately drives up retention, productivity and customer loyalty.

*Annual rate of $50 per year per employee license applies for billing terms of one year or more. Subscriptions start at $100/month or $1,000/year and include up to 20 employee licenses. For customers in the UK, a 20% VAT will be added.

Without Engagement Multiplier

The cost of doing nothing
Customer service suffers
Unengaged employees are disconnected, lack enthusiasm and energy, and deliver poor customer service. When direct interactions with customers suffer, so does your business.
Your best talent leaves
Employees that don't feel empowered to develop professionally will find those opportunities elsewhere. Hiring, onboarding, and training costs increase, and morale usually takes a hit as well.
Absenteeism rises
Millennials in particular show up for jobs where they feel like they have meaning and direction. If those things are missing, things like attendance and safety record suffer.
Inefficiency is everywhere
Organizations that don't give clear expectation or hold people accountable see productivity flatline or decline. When everyone has different goals and are moving in different directions, inefficiency runs rampant.

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