Our Approach

A unique combination of powerful, yet simple principles

Uncover the Truth

To make change, you must first be open to hard truths

Being open to the truth and willing to listen takes courage. But to create any type of positive change, you need to know what’s really happening within your dealership, group, or network. The things you’ll uncover will surprise and energize you – and lead to new conversations and fresh actionable insights. But you’ll have to let go of old perceptions – and above all else, be brave.

Truly honest feedback from anonymous surveys
Open forum for suggestions and follow-up messages
Quantifiable scores with detailed breakdowns
Focus areas identified with insightful next steps

Take Incremental Action

Small changes, layered up over time, make the biggest difference

A business cannot transform overnight. But by focusing on the right issues and creating attainable short-term goals, the impact can be seen and felt very quickly. With the insight found by uncovering the truth, small improvements are more impactful, and momentum builds with each improvement.

Quickly address actionable employee feedback
Create observations and action plans
Focus on goals attainable in less than 90 days
Share goals and successes with your team

Change for the Better

A perfect fit for those applying Kaizen principles for continuous improvement

Great minds think alike. Engagement Multiplier is an ideal tool to support the Kaizen methodology of continuous improvement. Employee engagement is best achieved and maintained with a long-term approach of small incremental changes. A great many aspects of Kaizen strategy aligns with our own.

Kaizen Improvement
Improve everything continuously
Our benchmark engagement survey starts on a 90-day cycle - just the right amount of time to plan and implement before measuring again.
Identify and correct the root of the problem
Our program delivers insight based on six core dimensions of engagement. Focusing on each, and in order, provides a foundation for an Engaged Organization.
Break down barriers between departments
Fostering communication and connecting everyone through an Engaged Purpose means shared vision and goals across departments.
Empower everyone to take part in problem solving
Personal reports are available to all employees by logging into their secure account, where they can also continue anonymous communication and provide additional feedback.

Measure Results

Improvement requires the ability to measure impact and progress

Scores should not be viewed as either good or bad. They provide a marker for where you are and how far you’ve progressed. Without a system to accurately measure employee engagement, effective change cannot be achieved.

Company-wide engagement scores with breakdowns
High-level ratings for themes, such as communication
Scores for customizable segmentation
Track all scores and breakdowns over time

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