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Automotive dealerships, groups, and networks are delivering the highest-level experience to their customers through employee engagement. When every employee is happy, energized, and connected to a shared vision—the benefits to your business multiply.

Engagement Matters

Engaged employees are your most productive talent

When employees are connected to the higher purpose of your company and are living your mission or motto each day, we call that having an “Engaged Purpose.” It is at the core of the Engagement Multiplier program – and successfully putting one in place is the very first step.

Strongly differentiate and carve out your niche
Ensure consistency in all customer interactions
Deliver the highest-level customer experiences
Receive outstanding reviews and a reputation of excellence

Impactful Results

Improvements multiply for your people and your business
Retain your best people
Employees with purpose, energy, and enthusiasm don't look elsewhere for opportunity. When the cost of training new hires is steep, you can't afford to not make employee engagement a priority.
Improve connection and teamwork
From Sales right through to Service, successful dealerships create seamless customer service with a coordinated approach. Connecting your team to a shared purpose creates unity and the ability to deliver a consistent customer experience.
Address the right issues, quickly
So many touchpoints go into a successful customer experience. Every one of them contributes to not just a potential sale, but the perception and reputation of your business. Whenever issues appear, you'll be able to pinpoint and address them right away.
Create a culture of improvement
Asking your employees how you can best support them can yield exceptional results. Show your commitment to improvement and crowd-source solutions from employees on front lines.

Powerful Features

Designed to take successful management to the next level
Measure Core Dimensions
Our program measures engagement across six different elements, each of which plays an important part in a company's success.
Create an Engagement Benchmark
To improve something, you must first be able to measure it. Our scores provide a marker for where you are, so that you can track progress.
See Opportunities for Improvement
Our assessments are designed to surface issues and identify the areas of focus that provide the quickest and most impactful results.
Anonymous Communication
Confidential communication tools allow employees to provide their honest, personal perspective. The results are often eye-opening.
Targeted, Custom Surveys
Create and send On-Demand Surveys anytime. Focus on key themes or initiatives and get additional insight from the right people at the right time.
Report Segmentation
Get deeper views into engagement metrics. See data by department, location, or any other way you want to segment.
Interactive Dashboard
Your command center to see employee feedback, engagement scores, actionable insights, and to share reports.
Individual Employee Accounts
Each employee can see personal reports that let them compare their scores to company averages and track their own progress.

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